More Savings

Why replace windows? The Fog Guy can fix them like new and save you thousands of dollars!

Why waste money on heating and cooling? Properly sealed windows are energy efficient windows.

Why lose money on a sale? Beautiful windows means a higher selling price for your home without the expense of window replacement.

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Better Service

The Fog Guy offers superior window sealing technology that can last years and decades longer than our nearest competitor.

Our team goes the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied. It's owner operated and customer focused.

We're low pressure but high touch. We'll answer all your questions and provide free estimates.

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100% Guarantee

If we can't keep moisture out of your windows we will give you back more than you paid.

Remember when companies stood behind their product? We do, and we'll never forget it.

The Fog Guy has a Rock Solid Warranty with no limitations and no small print.

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Why people choose us...

Superior technology for longer lasting windows.

Friendlier service for better customer experience.

Better pricing because we get it right the first time.

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  • Tyson went above and beyond the call of duty. The moisture and fog was gone and the windows looked great. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my window repairs. - Paul

  • Fixing windows is far preferred to replacing them. The Fog Guy showed us how to save thousands of dollars while still having great looking windows. - Allison

  • The Fog Guy promises to get it right. They'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're satisfied with your windows and that the seal is fixed and the moisture is gone. - Tyson